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nice to play

nice to play

It doesnt work

Every Time I open the app, the screen is all beige with no circles just an ad at the bottom.

Better than Twisty Arrows

What the title is ^^^^^^^^^

This game ruined my life

pls remove ads

nice but remove ads

Aa report

Really addictive game,fun too you guys should really try it.

Addicting but...

I LOVE THE THIS GAME but...the ads in this game for IFunny is so inappropriate and disgusting.

Fun but too many ads!!

There are too many ads popping up and ugh!!

Luv this game

Best game.Levels get harder as you go I recommend getting the game, it really is the best. I just love this game .You will love it as much as I do as the levels get harder.All Im trying to say about this game is that it is the best and you need to get it .If you dont have the game you are missing out.

The Final level

Like many of you I started playing this game and soon became addicted. I quickly passed the first few levels but each time I passed a level the game only became harder. The background noise in my house grew louder as people continued to try to get my attention. I soon stopped hearing there voices, all I could hear is the voice of a demon telling me to keep playing. He spoke of untold riches that I would receive if I completed the game. By the time I got to level 285 I almost didnt notice the feeding tube attached to me. After a year the moment had come, I was at the final level. I was so excited but I had to stay focused. One a time I shot the pins into the circle growing more nervous every time. At last there was one left. Suddenly I heard demons chanting, I was moving at the speed of light towards the center of the universe. I thought I was moving into a black hole but it wasnt, it was an aa circle the size of an entire galaxy. Gods and Demons watched as I threw the last pin at the rotating circle but missed. Demonic hands reached for me and slowly pulled me towards a black abyss. I heard the cries of lost souls who failed to finish the game. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my neck, my brother stabbed my mortal body in the neck to snap me out of my blank stare. I blacked out. Later I woke in a hospital and simply said, I will never be the same again.

Love the game but really glitchy

I dont know if you guys are experiencing this problem too. It is where you play aa behind the fail screen. Please tell general adaptive to fix it! Everything else about as is Great!

Good app to hard

This app is very good and is entertaining but needs some changes.


aa is fun but challenging. Like it really ticks me off when I only have one left and I miss.... Overall aa is really fun but really irks me sometimes.... Okay maybe more than usual..


This game is awesome, but my friend and I play it all the time on FaceTime and we both get so aggravated cuz u keep dying and we get so fricken mad!!!!!!


The game is fun but its loaded with ads. they get you hooked on it by letting you go up in the standings every time you go up a level,but then around level 200 they stop showing you unless you pay for the game. Scam Ripoff Really douchy


I absolutely love this game very addicting but be careful! While I was playing it made my phone screen go black I couldnt turn off or do anything on my phone. Too scary.

This has too many ads

Every time I play it always have a pop up of a ad


I like it but they make it way to difficult it is very fun so I recon you get it! IT IS VERY FUN!!!

This game is fun but....

Theyre is way to many ads it doesnt give you a chance to even play half of the level before an add pops up its annoying.

Good game, MAKES ME MAD!!!!!!

this is not an impossible game but has many glitches!!!!!

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